A Boutique Style Hotel For Cats - A Boutique Style Hotel For Cats
Accommodation with Stimulation

10 Standard Deluxe Chalets
Custom built in 2012, each Standard Deluxe Chalet has 2 floors (connected by a ladder) with a climbing shelf in each level. We provide various types of cat beds to suit individual needs, clean, warm bedding, scratch posts, litter trays and toys to keep your cat entertained.
Each Standard Deluxe Chalet can accommodate 1-2 cats. Chalet numbers 1 & 2 are horizontal,  'same level chalets' for older or disabled cats. If you require one of these, please request this on your booking form.
Ballyclare Cattery & Spa
Lilas Lodge and Nicos Nest
These 2 chalets are larger and can accommodate families of up to 4 cats. They are also ideal for long term boarders as they provide extra space and stimulation for your cat.

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