A Boutique Style Hotel For Cats - A Boutique Style Hotel For Cats
Booking is easy! There are two ways:
1. Please complete the below form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


2. Email us direct at reservations@ballyclarecattery.co.uk with your cats name, approximate age, dietary preferences, dates of proposed stay and your own contact details.
3.By telephone on 02893344586. 
We recommend booking well in advance for peak times to avoid disappointment.
Please make sure you have read and understand our Booking Conditions below before making a booking.
Booking Enquiry
Your Name
Email Address
Check In Date (Open Monday-Sunday)
Please select your preferred check in time
Check Out Date (Open Monday-Sunday)
Please select your preferred check out time
Number of Cats
Cat(s) Name
Cat(s) Age
Chalet Type
If you have more than one cat and would like a particular chalet configuration, please let us know here
Dining Plan
Please tell us if there are specific brands/flavours you would like us to feed your cat
Optional Extras (multiple selections available) If you require extras just for specific cats, please advise us in the 'Comments' section.
Catnip sprayed in chalet daily (50p per night)
Feliway sprayed in chalet daily (50p per night)
Collection/Delivery (£1.00 per mile travelled)
Please tell us a bit about your cats
Special Requests (Not guaranteed unless otherwise specified)
How did you hear about us?
A £20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure any booking over £20. Please do not pay this until we have confirmed availability.
You can pay your deposit via:
* By PayPal Button below (£0.89p charge applies)
* By cash - please arrange a viewing should you wish to pay your deposit in cash
* Cheque - made out to 'Ballyclare Cattery'
* Bank Transfer - bank details on request 
If you would like to pay your deposit via PayPal, please use the 'pay now' button below. Please do not pay your deposit until we have confirmed that we have availability. 
£20.00 Deposit (89p fee applies via paypal)
Please see Booking Conditions below. 

Booking Conditions
 A £20.00 deposit is required to secure any booking (not applicable for bookings under £20.00). 
Deposits are non-refundable in case of cancellation or no shows.*
Multiple deposits may be applicable for stays of 30 days or more.
Balance Payment 
Full payment should be made by/on arrival day and is non-refundable due to curtailment of trip. You can pay by card (please see below), cash, cheque or bank transfer (details will be in your welcome pack). Please note that we only accept cash or cheque if you pay at the cattery. 
Paying By Card 
If you wish to pay your balance by credit/debit card, please email payments@ballyclarecattery.co.uk and request a PayPal invoice at least 72 hours prior to check in. A 10% charge applies for all PayPal transactions. 
If your balance is not paid by/at check in, cats may not be accepted or charges may apply. 
You can bring your own bedding, toys etc at your own risk (provided they are clean and de-flead). 
No discount is given if you decide to bring your own food.
Checking In and Out
 Official Check-In/Out Times: 11am-1pm and 4-5pm Monday-Sunday.

 All check in/out times must be pre-arranged before cat's arrival date, and are subject to availability.
If you need to change your check in/out time, no problem! Please just let us know in advance.
Taxi Service for collection and/or delivery is available subject to £1.00 per mile travelled by us fee. Taxi Service must be booked at least 48 hours in advance and is subject to availability. 
 It's best if you transport your cat(s) to and from the cattery using a suitable carrier. We may ask you leave your carrier carrier for the duration of their stay, just in case we have to evacuate the building in the unlikely event of an emergency. In this respect you may wish to label your carrier beforehand to avoid any confusion upon collection!
Should you fail to pick your cat up on the arranged date, any additional nights will be charged at the applicable rate plus a surcharge of £3.00 per cat per night. 
Health & Well-being
All cats must be accompanied with a vaccination certificate current for Feline Flu (administered within one year of stay). 
Please advise us in advance of any medical or behavioural problems that your cat may have.
We cannot accept Toms over 7 months that have not been neutered.
All cats must be fleaed and wormed within 2 weeks prior to arrival. We can do this for you on your arrival day if you choose not to do this prior to arrival.
We will happily administer medication if your cat is unwell. If your cat requires daily medical assistance after 5pm (public closing time), a charge of £2.00 per night applies.
All cats that stay with us are insured for veterinary cover for the duration of they stay (excess may apply). Claims are subject to application and assessment.  
Should your cat become ill while you are away, veterinary assistance will be provided by Voy Vets of Burnside. Call out fees may apply, if not a cattery fee of £5.00 per trip to the vet applies.
Medical bills will be initially passed on to you (the client), followed by a claim application.
In the event that a cat passes away of any cause whatsoever during their stay, the cattery owner cannot be held responsible.
All rates and special offers are subject to revision at any time (unless booking is confirmed). 
* No-Show Policy: If you no longer require your booking, please let us know in advance. We may be able to keep any paid deposit in credit for you if the original booking was in Low Season (October-March).  For any booking length, should you 'no-show' and wish to book again, we will require any future bookings to be paid in full at time of booking (non-refundable).

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